Saturday, February 11, 2006

snow drifts

We have officially been about the negative for a week now.
The temperature has hovered in the 20’s.

I have even been able to wear my thinner wool coat!

And, with high temperatures comes snow.

Here in the tundra, with its incessant winds, snow does not coat the ground in a uniform manner. Some patches of the ground have little snow. Pieces of the boardwalk peak through in many locations.
There are many areas with little more than a light cover.

Then there are places where the snow is deep. Very, very, deep.

Just a few paces down the boardwalk from my building there is a drift that blocks the walk. It is nearly 6 feet high, 4 feet wide, and at least 12 feet long.

And it’s solid. Totally climbable.

Out in front of the school, what was once the playground, is covered with several feet of snow.
It is very difficult to determine exactly how deep it really is due to the lack of reference points. This large drifted area makes for a treacherous walk. Though the ground seems solid, it is occasionally not so. While walking you might well find yourself knee deep in snowy fun.

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