Thursday, January 26, 2006

still smelly

Thank you everyone who showed support in this time of need.
My stinkiness from lack of a shower has been something of an increasing problem as the issues with water continued.

I have not been properly clean since Saturday.

Then, last night, something changed.

With the help of several (indoor) space heaters grouped around the water pump, we finally had running water again! As of 7 pm last night we could once again bathe.

I, however, in my infinite wisdom, slacked. I spurned the evening shower in favor of a refreshing morning one.
(There was also the issue of temperature. It was really very cold in my apartment last night and it is never fun to be all wet in a cold room)

Waking up this morning, I almost ran to the bathroom, excited for prospect of hot running water.
I turned the pseudo crystal water knob and prepared myself for the dearly missed feeling of actually being clean.

Then my hopes and dreams came crashing down.

There was no water pressure.

A trickle of water ebbed forth from the shower-head.
Damn damn damn.

I weighted my options. Do I scream, yell, and throw things? Do I just get out of the shower, still without a cleaning?
Or do I stand, hopefully, below the drizzle, willing some meager amount of water to do its best?

I choose to stay. And as I stood under the water’s tiny stream another realization was made.

The damn drain is frozen again.
Water was pooling at my feet.

So, I am in the torn situation of wishing there was water in my shower stall and wishing that same water would go away.

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