Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I could tell you all about the "enjoyable" few days I have spent stuck in Bethel.
The phrase "weather permitting" has once again reared its ugly head.

Since Saturday I have been attempting to get back to my village.
Since Saturday I have been hearing nothing but the painful words, "weather hold."

But I will not tell another drawn out tale of being stuck in Bethel.
Instead I have pictures of dogs.

Puppies are cool.

These doggies make up a sled dog team.

This is Jack and his human Jenny. He is ready for his first run with a sled.

And their off!
Jack and his buddy ended up giving Jenny quite a ride.
There was a belly flop into the snow involved.
But we won't mention that.

You guys have so much more snow than we do!


Tell Jenny, "Nice dogs."
Tell Carey Her Pop wants to talk to her
Dog sledding's COOL--and it WILL save you money on car insurance!
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