Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I told you so

I know I have mentioned the fact that I need to distill water everyday for drinking.
Maybe I have even made comments hinting towards the 6 hours it takes to do so.

I have not, however, had any actual proof that the water is bad. Only the word of my principal and the talk of other teachers.

Today, I received the confirmation that I have been longing for.
Today, in the halls of Kilbuck Elementary (a Bethel school), I saw the sign.

The proof that our water is lead-filled and delicious.

And to give you the context of this photo...

And honestly, with so many of our students being reading-comprehension-challenged... how many actually follow those rules?

I feel lucky that we have such good water here. I distill, but it's technically drinkable, pre-distill.
in that bottom picture you can see a clamp like thing. that clamp holds button for the water fountain down to keep it on.
they do this every morning for about 5 mins.

it's a wonderful waste of money and a method to clean those pipes.
What a drama queen!
It says the water "MAY" be contaminated and "MAY" contain lead.
And that's only according to studies by the EPA! (Error Prone Assholes)
What do those tree-huggers know???

But just for saftey's sake, I think you should "pull a Jesus" and turn that nasty water to wine.
NOTE: in a previous post my statement should've ready "safety's sake."
I regret the spelling error.
"Ready" should've said "read."
My keyboard is sticking from downloading porn.
Brentds: Is your keyboard, sticking or sticky? Yuk. Jody is Yuk a native word? UM
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