Friday, January 27, 2006


For Christmas, from a very good friend, I received a thermometer.
This device is able to measure the temperature outside and inside.

I have the outdoor remote in my arctic porch.
(Think: covered doorway.)

It is a bit warmer in this pseudo room than out in the wind.
But not all that much.

The temperature range of my new toy goes from –22 to 140 degree F.
It has been stuck on –22 for the past day and a half.

Then, this afternoon, when I looked at the frosty liquid display screen, I saw something amazing.
It had now fallen to –25.

My thermometer has exceeded it’s own limits! I can’t wait to see how much farther it will go!

But, as a side note to those who think I am insane for moving to a place where my thermometer is at the risk of bottoming out, it’s really not that cold.

I mean, it is cold. Dreadfully cold. Painfully, fingers falling-off, frostbite on the nose, cold.

But after you fall below –10, I guess you just give in to the frigid mind-numbing icyness. And if you dress correctly you can actually function almost normally out of doors.

You need 3 dogs to keep you warm.
I went swimming in the ocean at midnight last night.
Mine goes down to -50, I think (it's non-digital). I've only used down to about -35 this year.

I'm ready for some warmth.
even in a land that is full of dogs and dog like activities... i find that i like the animals less and less.
well i saw that it was 40 below last week and then 20 below for today. here i thought that was a good jump for you, but i guess it doesn't matter :P

can you order water online? ;D
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