Sunday, January 08, 2006

couch crashing as an extreme sport

Friday I hit the runway and head back to Alaska.
Friday will bring the end of my three week winter vacation. But untill that day, I continue to participate in the new found extreme sport of:

Couch crashing.

The time-honored tradition that takes a person from one domicile to another, testing the pros and cons of many different couches.

I have not slept in a bed for over a week and have long forgotten what it’s like to sleep without one arm hanging over one side and my back pressed against the cushiness on the other.

There is also the matter of my fingers and face being devoured by miscellaneous dogs and cats in the wee hours of the morning.
The moisture in my ears will not be discussed at this time.

What will be discussed is the topic of couches.

If you decide to couch hop or be the recipient of a couch hoper there are a few things you need to know.

Leather couches: often very comfortable. Or at least, squishy. However, thick blankets are totally unnecessary. Even if the air temperature is below what you would normally find comfortable, reach for the lighter weight blanket, maybe even an afghan. Leather quickly warms to your body and will create a sweat-producing surface.
This uncomfort will not come to light until a half an hour after your host falls asleep and will leave you sticky and sleepless all night.

Love-seats: in the search for a place to lay your head you may find it necessary to crash a love-seat. Be warned, love-seats, if not handled properly, can lead to stiff necks and twisted ankles (don’t ask about the former). To avoid injury find a chair or foot stool to place next to the “foot” of your bed. This will allow you to stretch at least one leg out and therefore give you head a little more room up top.
Don’t be afraid to use extra pillow by the arm-rest at your knees for added joint comfort.

Over-stuffed couches: you will roll off. Lay with your face into the back of the couch. This may prevent movement and keep you off the floor.

Man eating couches: these are cozy cushions that you sink right into. Pat yourself on the back. You hit jackpot. These couches are wonderfully comfy and will keep you from rolling away. Do bear in mind that you will need a decently tough pillow here, but the decorative ones that always seem to find their ways to couches should be fine.

Popizan chairs: sleep in your car.

Recliners: test the springs in the reclining part of these wanna-be beds before agreeing to anything. Some chairs have a habit of sitting up without your permission. With a well broken in chair you can look forward to an almost good night’s sleep. If you have found a tightly wound recliner, sleep in your car.

I hope this guide helps you in all your travels.
It has taken many bruises and stiff mornings to research.

But the study is not yet complete. Tonight I try something new and daring.
The infamous, futon.
Wish me luck!

I realize I'm a day late, but my advice on futon-crashing is as follows: take the "mattress" off and put it on the floor. I'm always able to feel the bumps of the futon frame through the mattress, but when placed on the floor, it's slightly more comfortable (but VERY firm, obviously... it's, like, a floor and stuff).
this is excellent advice,

but i lucked out and was presented with a great futon. it was soft and warm and not at all lumpy.
i even managed to sleep extra late on it!

thank you, shell, for the best sleep all week!
Go to UM
i'm glad that i could be of assistance. but sleeping till 1 pm isn't late. not at all
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