Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A week and a half

We have a wonderful week and a half until the semester is over.
A week and a half to pack in all the learn’in possible.
A week and a half to test these kids to the max and prove that I am not a substandard teacher.

It’s just not enough time.

We work on the phase system.
With this model we teach district wide material and subject matter. The kids must master these indicators before they can move onto the next level. Each phase should take a specific amount of time to complete, but since it is based on mastery, the time frame is different for every child.

There is no social promotion through the grade levels.
There is no illiterate student just being pushed through.
There are several different phases in each classroom.

This system of merit-based promotion is great for the students.
They are actually forced to learn or be left behind.
They can take their progress into their own hands.

The teachers, however, have a much more difficult job.
We have to plan for many phase levels.
Multiple ability levels.
Multiple assignments.
Think several grades in one classroom.

And so I saunter on, juggling small and large group instruction.
Hoping against hope that I am correctly assessing and moving students.
Hoping that I am the teacher my college transcripts say I am.

Just a week and a half…

"They are actually forced to learn or be left behind."

Does George Bush know children are being left behind in Alaska???
(Probably not... As I doubt Bush even knows Alaska is a state)
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