Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Steamy Shower Scenes

Every good story should have a shower scene.
Picture this.

Me, this morning, in the shower.
Massaging shampoo into my hair.
Water cascading down my back.
Getting exciting, huh?

I look down. Water is beginning to cover my feet.
The shower is not properly draining.
Check that, the water is not draining at all.

Drawing back the curtain and peeking around I see the gradually growing puddle of water expanding through my bathroom.

The inch and a half lip of my shower stall had been compromised. Now the water, desperately needed to wash the soapy suds from my hair, is spilling forth onto the floor.


The next few minuets of my broken morning ritual are spent bailing out the base of my shower stall, while wrapped only in a towel with soapy goodness still clinging to my head.

I come to find out that everything in my home is an add-on.
(It all used to be a glorified closet. Then they put in the bathroom and “kitchen”.)
There are occasional problems here and there with freezing pipes and the like.
This is one of those occasions.

Ain’t life grand?

Steamy story indeed!

What's a steamy story without a pirate and a heaving bosom?
pictures of paper peni aside, i try to keep this site chalked full of family values and moral... something.

the pirates and bosoms did not venture into my shower that morning. well, i guess the bosoms did, cause i have some... but i am not sure that the heaved.

but that could be the start of another interesting story...
Yes, UM and your mom read this everyday. Oh, can you locate anyone that has visited the Anwar
region that the liberals are trying to "protect". I need their phone number at Christmas. UM
google "pajamas media" I think you
will like it. UM
Does the shower scene been released to video yet? I am always looking for new talent.
it is due to be realsed on video in the very near future.
however, this talent is not that type that you would be looking for.

i can actually act.
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