Sunday, December 04, 2005


Once again in the big city of Bethel.
This time for a happy and non-school related occasion.

Smacca is engaged.

That’s right, we are losing one of our single-female number to the ball and chain commitment of marriage.

Luckily, the man is decent enough to be allowed.
He risked life and limb, or at least the potential for humiliation, by joining the bush teachers in Anchorage over Thanksgiving break.

He was, with little resistance, accepted into the fold.

Yet still, such an occasion must be marked by the consumption of alcohol and the giving of phallus resembling toys.

I must say that we rose to the challenge.

In the city of Bethel there is no easy access to porn. Nor are there bars. Nor are there liquor stores.

There are, however, squirt toys.
And friends with stock piles of yum.
And there are poster boards and markers.

Teachers for the bush can make a little become a lot.

Now we sit in the living room of a bed and breakfast.
Playing poker with several thousand dollars in play money.
Singing along to the soundtrack of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.


The quotable quote of the evening:

“You called me a prostitute and no one blinks an eye.”
“I say you make a squid limp and it’s a felony.”

Except I was wrongfully accused in the first place... I wasn't even involved in th prostitute conversation!

I did, however make the phallic squid fall over.

My bad, I guess.
What a weekend! And for the record... I made that squid very happy with the whole thing-that-will-not-be-mentioned-even-though-there-is-a-photo-of-it-on-Sara's-camera. It was only natural for it to lose interest in what Smac had to offer. She wasn'y being nearly as "friendly"... says the woman with the lowest numbers.
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