Saturday, December 10, 2005

Drivers Wanted

Today, the itch of isolation came knocking at my door.
Yes, I know, mixed metaphors.

The world around me, stretching far and wide, seemed completely inaccessible to me due to my lack of wheels.
And the fact that I have no clue how to drive a snow-go.

So, I approached a fellow teacher and requested a lesson.
The lesson went like this.

Teacher: Here is the key to the school’s snow-go.

Me: Ok.

Teacher: You have to make sure the emergency button is in, flip the clutch, push the primer once or twice, and pull the starter cord.

Me: Ok…

Teacher: Need anything else?

Me: Ummm…

He walks back inside the building. I am left standing next to a large piece of machinery.

Here goes nothing.
Trial by fire.

The river was rough, there were deep grooves everywhere and the icy wind stung my face.
Several times I thought sure the snow-go was going over.

It was awesome.
I am now an experienced driver of the snow-going kind.

Yay! Want to give me a lesson?
it was easier than i expected.
like riding a motorcycle... without those pesky wheels.

*not that i have ever riden a motorcycle, mom...*
I remember one of your first driving experiences on dry land, too bad you had to face the auto dealer that day. UM
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