Saturday, November 05, 2005

Worship them or they will strike you down.

Once again the gods of weather have outwitted me.

The in-service ended with clear skies and perfect flying conditions.
Most went home to their familiar surroundings and warm beds.

I, however, decided to stay for an extra night.
A mini vacation with a few friends in the metropolis of Bethel.

This was, as it always seems to be, a mistake.

The sky gradually became a solid ceiling and rumors of snow fluttered about.

Still I remained. Believing the man in the box and his false reports of clear sky in our very near future.

The sky opened up and dropped a thick mess of snow on my dreams of that warm bed.

Planes have been grounded. The weather has, once again thwarted my thoughts of returning home.
I remain in Bethel for another night. And while the city is fun when you plan to stay, it holds a depressing air about it when you meant to be somewhere else.

The gods of weather are laughing at my expense.

I will say this only because I have become an expert on God (since I moved to south Georgia):
Thou shall have no other Gods except the Lord Jesus Christ. I will pray for your soul and better weather.
thank you for watching out for my immortal soul.
someone needs to keep that thing in check.
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