Monday, November 07, 2005

Natural Alaskan hair gel

It's cold.
Very very cold.

-7 degrees.
-39 degree wind chill.

My damp hair froze solid on the 2 minute walk to school today.

Welcome to the Alaskan fall.


I'm not sure whats funnier-the image of you with "Something about Mary hair" or you letting one rip in front of everyone. HAHA!!!

-15 down here, according to our trusty side-of-the-house thermometer.

*hidden secret message* Go to Nunap for wrestling. *end hidden secret message*

Hooray for freezing one's arse off.
**Hidden secret reply* Find me a way to get to Nunap for wrestling and i will so be there *end hidden secret reply*
It's was nearly 90 in sunny Savannah this week.
Last weekend I went to the beach. I swam in the ocean.
It was nice.
I am going cabrewing this weekend.
I will send you pics.
i turned an unflattering shade of green while reading of your weekend plans.
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