Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I am thankful for:

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I fell onto the old writing stand-by assignment.

“Write in your journal about what you are thankful for. Then write a few sentences on these decorative pieces of paper for me to put on my bare and boring bulletin board.”

Some of the results were amazing.

“I am thankful for: the honey Buckets because Honey Buckets are there for us to take Dumps and leaks when we need them to use. Honey Buckets are the Bomb!!”

-- Honey buckets are the answer to a lack of plumbing and running water. You do your business in the honey bucket and dump them into the proper receptacles when they get full.

“I am thankful for: all my teachers because they all let us learn during school.”

-- Let? I thought we made them learn. Forced them into it kicking and screaming.

-- But still, she is a sweet little suck up.

“I am thankful for: T.V. Because T.V. is easier than reading a book and try to imagine what going on. T.V. is the answer to your reading problems. I am thankful for video games because if there wasn’t, we would be bored. And games are almost the same as T.V. but you can control h/she in the video game with a controller.”

-- Point one: The grammar is copied exactly. For once, the errors are not due to my faulty language skills.

-- Point two: Wow. And I do mean wow. I really can’t even find words to discuss this commentary towards the youth of our great nation.

“I am thankful for: my parents because they are always buying us new clothes to wear. I am also thankful for my family who are always doing stuff for me.”

-- New stuff and favors, what else is family for?

I'm thankful you're still surviving up there.
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