Friday, November 04, 2005

english is goodly

As the writing assessment in-service marches steadily toward conclusion I must take a moment for quiet reflection.
I have read hundreds of papers. I have laughed at the intentional and unintentional humor and was moved by papers written by aspiring minds.

We started with phase 8. 4th grade.

“hey pen pal. Take over the world with this penguin.”

Many were grammatical nightmares.
Few were excellent papers that excite the mind.
The day continued, the phase and grade level increased swiftly.
The evident skill level sauntered along at a slower gate.

“Even mosquitos like to drink our cloths if they land on peoples cloths.”

At times I felt good about our collective teaching efforts.
At times I wanted to kick whatever professional takes credit for educating that particular student.
At times I felt all hope was lost.

“At the end of the day I was full, not killed”

We graded these gems to the best of our abilities.
Occasionally I cringed when passing a paper as proficient.
Occasionally I relished in the failing marks.
Occasionally I leapt for joy with the truly amazing.

“The people with the ball are called volleyball. We have shoes to run around. The player hat the ball. Then the other side of the gym. Is the other side.”

“Basketball is my thing. But Jesus is my king.”

“- in your mark getshit go”

I think those kid's writing samples are great... (if they want to be hippy poets, who don't bathe and only get published on BLOGS like this).
well, the bathing thing is often on the mark...
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