Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The alarm clock did not go off this morning.
But thanks to a slamming door and a loud banging noise from somewhere inside the building, I did not sleep late.

I glanced at the alarm clock. The blinking quality of that bright LED told me that it was either 2:30 in the afternoon, or that the power went out at some point in the night.

The clock on my oven was a bit more believable and rumored it to be closer to 7:45.

After much searching, I found my pocket watch, the lone voice of temporal reason in this electricity driven apartment.
It’s 7:05 in the morning. I have plenty of time,
Maybe even enough for a little power nap…

We have been on and off the generator for the past two days.
I got to teach math in the dark yesterday.

Yay power!

You know you're a bush teacher when over the summer you buy battery powered lanterns for the classroom because you know the power will be frequently out...

Now, of course, I've started something because my kids WANT lantern time. "I'm praying for the generator to go out, Stacy!"

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