Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The week gets longer

The flight to Akiuk was a bumpy one. The gusty wind blew the plane too and fro.
One of the other people on board gets airsick.

Good times were had by all.

Landing was uneventful compared to the excitement of the blustery ride.

I arrived at the island at 10:19 a.m., I was in front of my class teaching by 10:30.
No shower, no changing my repeatedly worn outfit.

Many hours and exhaustion headaches later the school bell rang.
Thoughts of escape ran through my head.

But wait; I had to make lesson plans before I could leave the building.

Not just lesson plans, but sub plans.

Tuesday morning I would be leaving again.
Back to Bethel
With 10 students in tow.
For a speech contest.

That lasts 2 nights.

After a mere 26 hours at home I once again boarded a plane to bethel.

It is now 10:30 at night. I am laying in a sleeping bag on the floor of a classroom in the Bethel Regional High School.

I think it is a high school science room. Judging by the notes on the board and books on the shelves.

We are finished with round one and two of the competition and I have one student in the semi-finals.

They have already braded my hair and have decided that tomorrow they will braid my whole head and use rubber bands.

They really want to use my computer all the time.
To check their e-mail.

For such technological isolation, they certainly depend on e-mail.

Tomorrow will be another day,
Another long day.

Wish me luck!

i keep thinking how adventurous it would have been to go to this party you speak of, but when i compare and have to choose: a weekend of chaperoning 4 kids vs. 3 days of chaperoning 10 kids.... i gladly choose the former. ha!

good luck.
i had the crazy adventure which is followed by the crazy responisbility.

you got lucky.
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