Sunday, October 16, 2005

new teacher inservice

This weekend I attended my second in-service in the big city of Bethel.

I arrived in town in the afternoon on Friday.
I was a beautiful day.
There was a blizzard in the west.

Early Saturday morning we all made our way into a stuffy 8-hours lecture of fun.

5 o’clock my flight was due to leave. A typical boring “fun filled” district sponsored trip into the hub of tundra civilazation.

The ceiling dropped.
Fog filled the sky.
No planes left the ground. We found that we were stuck in town.

There were many note-worthy events of this weekend.

There was drama of the most interesting or intimate kind.
Former friends turned foes had it out.
And ex-Chicago Bear happily stated “dude, I’m so glad I didn’t get knifed”.

But none of this will stick in my mind in the months to come.
Sara, Jennifer, and I had the opportunity to attend a party where the alcohol flowed in the most stingy ways.
We managed to imbibe a bit and were feeling good when the safety factors turned to the uncomfortable levels and a taxi pulled up out front.

Sitting in the back of a cab, going in circles, we sang Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

The taxi driver just grinned as the lyrics everyone knows, but no one knows why flowed from our mouths.

The song ended, we giggled and the moment of embarrassing melody was over.

The driver must have missed the entertainment because he stopped, mid intersection to switch his CD player to another song with lyrics that have a habit of seeping into your brain when no one is looking.

Ricky Martins’ “Livin La Vida Loca”

We did not let him down.

Have they got the new Black Eyed Peas up there, yet???
That song, HUMPS, rocks!!! (Check it out!)
the only radio station in the district still plays elvis.
i think the "New Kids on the Block" phase is still dying out.

"new music" here is not nearly as new as i would like
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