Tuesday, October 18, 2005

more servicing...

Last time on “days of our in-service:”

At last post it was Sunday morning and I had been stuck overnight in Bethel.

We looked toward the sky, waiting for the infamous fog to lift and allows us privilege to the friendly skies.

At 11:00 that morning we called the airport to see what time our flight might be.
The requested that we call back at 3.

My day suddenly got longer.

We hit breakfast, the grocery stores, and made our way back to the lobby of our hotel.
Where we sat.
Until 3:00.

It was a party.
There were about 12 stranded teachers camping out in the cushy furniture of the long house.

Laptops littered the scene.
Laughs and perverse conversations echoed against the walls.

3 o’clock came and went. Still not one plane left the ground.

We ordered pizza.

5 o’clock arrived with a shock.
Everything is grounded. Prepare for another night in the big city.

Suddenly there was a flurry activity. Hotel rooms were reserved and roommates were found.

Lesson plans were emailed and subs were found.
My school was canceled.

I now sit at Craig air, waiting to see what the cruel god’s of weather have in store for me.
The fog has lifted. Visibility is great.

There are 45 mph winds.

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