Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The last leg, I hope

It’s 10:25 in the evening and I am finally laying in my sleeping bag.
Surrounded by giggling girls.

This has been the day from hell.

It was a full day, starting at our 6:30 wake up call and ending moments from now.
We had too much down time, too much sugar, and too much time outside their comfort zone.

I have attempted several times to write down the adventures of the day.
There are too many different stories to pick from. The whole day could be seen as one post after another.

There have been injuries.
Punishments and successes.
Wall flowers and dancing queens.

A day of torture in the most interesting ways.

But the story that sums up this misadventure the best occurred last night.
Or this morning… judging by the hour.

We were all laying in sleeping bags.
There were still some conversations on their last legs.

When there was a rumble in my tummy.
We had eaten a number of foods with questionable origin.
Though I tried to silence it, I farted.
It would be considered loud on the scale of the lower 48, but up here it was more in the range of the norm.

Suddenly the room filled with laughs.
Real belly laughs.

“What?” I asked, blush creeping into my face. “You guys do it all the time.”

“Yeah, but we have never heard a kassiq fart!” they squealed.

All day I have heard about the “farting kassiq.”
Tonight I have heard these unassuming pre-teens let loose some real strong explosions with barely a giggle.

It’s just not fair.
I think this is discrimination.

oh that's just too funny!

kids are funny, aren't they?
i laugh out loud so often when reading your blog mom
First off: "I'm up!"

Secondly: You should send this to Seventeen magazine, so it can publish it with all those "embarassing moment" stories.

(Although you should change some details like: Instead of you being on a school trip with a bunch of girls, you should be on a first date with your mad crush....and also add something about you being on your period... that's always funny... hehehe)

Anyway... Here's a promo for MY BLOG about living in the deep rural south... I hope I have half the following you have!!!
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