Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Small town life has is ups and downs.

The upside
I personally know the parents of many of my students and I can easily reach them whenever there may be a problem.
We, the teaching staff, know the when and why many of our student's problems and home issues.
We all know where the kids go after school.

The downside fits well against the up.
Everyone knows everyone else’s business.
Gossip rules supreme.

Some of the flying rumors are lodged in the truth.
Others are anything but.

Today, during my planning period, the social worker walked into my classroom. He asked if I had a few moments to talk.
There is a rumor flying around that he wanted me to be aware of.

He sat down.
A blush filled his cheeks. He suppressed a giggle.
"Some of the kids I speak with say that you and a co-worker (a female) were seen kissing."

Suddenly I am the Ellen of rural Alaska.
"I never should have worn those cargo pants." I thought.

I am not gay!

We talk about the rumor, who is involved, and how to kill it.
Then I ask, "I am not gay, but how does the culture respond to homosexuality?”

Apparently it is easier for the villagers to accept gay men than lesbians.
Talk about a cultural difference.

Women are looked down on in this society, like most. The concept of two women who don’t need men is ridiculous.
Plus it flies in the face of the premises of a male dominated society.

But two men without the need for a woman is a-ok.

So, not only am I suddenly gay, but I am the wrong kind of gay.

The other teacher and I are the only single teachers in this 300 head village. Due to our similar lonely status, we end up spending a lot of time together.
Hanging out. Watching TV. Writing lesson plans.
Making crafts.
Not making out!

I am not gay!

You know Jody, The girl in But I'm a Cheerleader didn't think she was gay either. No seriously, trust me, you're not gay. -me
Are you sure? I mean you do have a lot of KD Lang albums. I think I might of also seen a little Etheridge in that cd collection also. I don't know Jodie, I will probably have my doubts. I'll search the internet for pictures.

Just kidding. You are SO not a lesbian. Just look how gay men love you!
You're not gay? Darn, and here I was going to ask you out.

Wait, I'm not lesbian, either.
KD Lang? who's that?

and smacca... i could make a special exception to you...
Wow, and exception... cool!

I'm an "exception."

I feel special.

Jodi, u could shake up the neighborhood and have an affair with a local married man. Solve one problem but make much BIGGER problem!!! Hmmm.... maybe not such a good idea. klm
It's funny that when you post a comment about being gay-- EVERYONE suddenly has something to say.
Except of course for Dick Cheney, who still refuses to publicly ancknowledge his lesbian daughter....
Anyway, Jody---You DO have a couple of pocket knifes, so my vote is BIG LEZZY....
Just kidding.
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