Friday, October 21, 2005

Dog eat dog.

I got home from my misadventures, all excited to sleep in my own warm, cushy, QUIET bed.
Walking toward my house I notice the ringing beat of many unhappy dogs.

My neighbor bought a dogsled team while I was gone and it is now penned up right outside my window.
I don't even think she knows how to dogsled or whether she plans on working them.

Every time someone walked down the boardwalk, they bark.
Everytime I turn on my bathroom light, they bark.
Everytime a boat speds by, they bark.

There was howling this morning. Lots and lots of howling.

"A barking dog is better than a crying baby."
~Ancient liberal proverb
did i mention that my neighbor is pregnant. gimmie a few months and that barking dog will be a crying baby.
hahaha.... that's hilarious! does it get any better than this?

i don't think so.... first the dogs.... then a baby.
Maybe the dogs think you are in heat?
It's got to be getting lonely up there...
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