Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where do germs come from?

I am slowly recovering from my first Alaskan cold.

On Sunday evening there was a tickle in my throat.
By Monday morning it had invited its friends and started to party.

When a person is sick unsanitary situations scream out like becons.

Teachers deal with practices that would make a member of the CDC run for a space suit.

Just today...
I turn away from my coffee for a moment.
Dirty fingers grab the mug and hide it under a desk.
I request its' return.
10 unwashed digits grasp the lip of my mug and place it back in its' place of honor.

I take a sip.

A student makes the journey to the front of the room.
She leans close to whisper in my ear,
"Can i" *cough* "go to the bathroom?"

I breath in without thought.

A student sneezes in his hand before picking up and giving me his homework.

I grasp the homework in my naked palm.
No time to wash my hands, I continue on.

A student spits in the trash can near my desk.
A student sneezes on the desk. The snot dries hard.
A student grabs my hand and pulls me to her desk.

I can't remember when if I washed my hands before I ate my lunch
I do know that as I carried the open tray to my classroom I passed a coughing child in the hallway.
Grems clouding up and setteled on my tacos.

Last night I sat in bed with a sore throat, headache, and cough and wondered how I could have managed to get sick.

Hope you are feeling better.
I can mail you some of that germ-x soap...
I assume there is no Wal-Mart?
wal-mart has not yet infiltrated this part of the perma frost.
in fact, there is not a wal-mart for 400 miles.

to put it a step further, i can't even get to a store without requiring someone to drive the boat. and that store is nothing fancy. it is a glorified conveince store.
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