Friday, September 16, 2005

No matter how far you travel some truths remain valid

The Bethel Highway
Originally uploaded by jleeody.
Standing on a bridge in the big city of Bethel I am reminded of Kentucky.

I think of all the times I have driven through the hills and suburbs of Kentucky.
In many front yards cars or trucks are perched on blocks.

The owners of these dilapidated, rusting yard ornaments certainly believe that in the future the inspiration would strike to actually make them drivable again.
Or at least salvage the parts for other vehicles.

Here is Bethel cars are not as easily dismissed.
Boats, however, litter the yards.

Some have holes you could put your fist through.
Others are missing the bottom.
Rusty metal remains and rotting wooden corpses of once loved methods of transportation.

There is no doubt that the owners believe someday they will repair the damages.
Or at least salvage parts for other boats.

These boats sit on blocks.

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