Wednesday, September 07, 2005

burning holes in pockets

There are small plastic cards in my pocket.

They want to be used.
To be loved.
To be drained of the money they represent.

I have a theory.
This month I will not be buying gasoline.

While most memebers of this country shell out dollar after dollar to pay for the increased gas prices, i will be sitting pretty.
That hard earned money will remain in my pocket.
Burning holes.

Here is the theory:
I should put that money to good use.

Well, maybe not good use...

Apple has released the new ipod.
The ipod nano.

It is adorable.

Everytime I see this web page the plastic in my pocket shoots out another tounge of flame.

I get paid in a few short days.
Should I buy it?

Jodyyyyyyyyyyyy.... you gotta turn on the comment verificatoin, you already have 3 spams!

Anyway, I already told you to buy it... JUST DO IT! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!!! I want one too! If I buy it though, I will take away Andrew's only gift idea for my birthday... guess I'll have to wait for antoher 2 months for mine :-(. Tell me how much you love it when it gets there!
gas here in corpus is only a mere 2.89 while in phoenix 3.09 you really are saving a lot and if you buy then i know a home for your old one love mom
cute picture of amy and baby hi amy mom
Ooh, if I hadn't already bought a mini earlier this year, I totally would buy it!
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