Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bowling on Eggshells

Today in math we studied the metric system.
After reviewing the different units and measurements that the metric system employees: I handed my students a worksheet that asked them to estimate the weights, volumes, and lengths of different objects.

One Question asked for the estimated mass of a bowling ball.
The thought, “Have these kids ever bowled?” ran through my head.

I gently raised the question, I really had no wish to explain how people liked to toss heavy balls down a long hallway to knock over wooden pins. I had visions of them trying out with garbage cans for balls and teachers for pins.

They all gave me odd glances.
“Of course we have bowled.”
“I’m good at it”
“Bowling balls are pretty heavy”

I had no idea there was bowling alley anywhere around here.

The next question was easy.
What is the estimated mass of an egg?

“What kind of egg?” came a voice from the back of the room.

“You know, a normal egg…”
My mind was reeling. What kind of egg? It took me a moment to even think of way to explain the type of egg we were questioning.

I find it difficult to determine which words and concepts will be easily recognized and which are foreign.

Bowling balls are something I would have expected them to know from movies and T.V. but not from personal experience.
Eggs are an item that is so ingrained in normal life that I never even considered it to be an issue.

I forget that powdered eggs are all too common in this area.

I would think that chickens find it difficult to survive in Alaska. It's probably expensive to keep and feed them in that enviroment,to heat the coop, feed, and deal with wolves, ect? UMikey
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