Thursday, August 25, 2005

Waiting for the uqiiquq to begin

Waiting for the uqiiquq to begin
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Today the women of Kasigluk gathered for a uqiiquq.

A uqiiquq, or throwing, is a traditionally a gathering to celebrate the accomplishments of a young man after his first kill.

Only the women are invited.
The man's mother throws gifts to the female members of the town.

This throwing was for slightly more mundane reasons.
The academic accomplishments of the Akiuk robotics team and the success of the students in last year's standardized tests.

I loved the fact that the boys could not attend. the principal, the man who organized the whole function, had to duck inside the building before it began.

Jody, please spell (upqiquq) phonetically. Looks like fun. UM
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