Thursday, August 04, 2005

to the south

to the south
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for those of you curious as to what the town actually looks like i present you with this shot.

this is a view of town as i followed the boardwalk to the south.

as you can see, the children are most often found on bikes, speeding down the walkways.
i have almost been hit three times.

there are snow machines sitting in the weeds off to the side, waiting to be used.

farther down this wooden sidewalk i saw a pickup truck sittin, unused but in good condition, sitting the brush.
i asked a student "why is there a car here? there are no roads"

he smiled at me as if i was a small child asking why the sky was blue.

"in the winter, when the rivers are frozen, there are plenty of roads."

this truck plays the role of a taxi each winter.

i think you have found a real world wonder how many there are out there
I am interested why there are people settled on a swamp/glacier in the middle of Alaska. What is out there that is attracting these people? Let me know. -Carver
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