Monday, August 15, 2005

this is my house

this is my house
Originally uploaded by jleeody.
I have yet to get the inside of my house to the point that I feel comfortable taking pictures, but i can show you the outside without concern.

It is a cute little place that houses two couples and two singles. if you look closely at the middle two windows you might be able to tell that the curtians are panals from "starry night"

And hanging in the middle of the panes are at least four crystals.
I am a hippy.

so do you think i could buy into the condo it could be a family thing
unfortunalty there is not a vacancy currently on the island. however, i am sure you could erect a shack on the outskirts.
just beware of rising water levels and erroding land

this town will be gone in 20 years
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