Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i have arrived

3 days of airports, planes, and mile high food later and i have arrived in the frigid north.

i got in yesterday evening and spent a few hours setting up my apartment and getting a tour of the school.

this truely is the edge of the world.

the village looks like a scene from a documentary.
the shacks with peeling paint.
boardwalks weaving between buildings and surrounded by overgrown weeds and grass.

things are different here. i woke up at 9 this morning and kept an eye on the window. i haven't seen anyone out and about yet.
it's almost noon.
i stopped by the other teachers door. he's still in his bathrobe.

i started to think, half the day is almost gone. then, remebering that it stays light until well past midnight, i smacked myself in the forehead.

last night i stared into the sky at a quarter past 10. the sun was still a long ways from the horizen.

pictures of the town will come on a later post. i have yet to establish internet at my own home and am currently using the schools.

as a side note, i might add that all the boxes i so dilligently sent here starting over six weeks ago have not yet arrived. i will be forced to live off only what i brought in my suitcases.
for he past three days i have been cursing those bags of pain. their weight pulling my spirits down. i often wished that i had not packed so heavily. now i am left wishing that i had packed more. god only knows when the rest of my belongings will arrive.

last night, while discussing technology in the classroom with the principal, i found out that the district intends to purchase me an ibook. this information means that i will pocess a total of three laptops. two apples and a dell. (the dell made it all the way here in my suitcase. no scratches cracked screens.) what does a person do with all that computer power?

one really does need their stuff about them even at the edge of the world
well, one would send an extra computer to someone that doesn't have one at all, like myself! :)

gah... you need to get a live journal account so that when i comment i can look at the post at the same time. cuz now i don't know what else i wanted to say. not to mention then i wouldn't have to try and remember this website, and then also if you comment on my comment it goes to my email. your journal is too much effort for me, stop it!

soooo.. i'm sure i wanted to say more, but it's the forgotten thought that counts :/

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