Friday, August 05, 2005

i am an oddity

this evening the teachers decided to hold an open gym in the school for the kids.

this is a time that the kids can come into the school, play basketball, run around, or just talk with their friends.
there was quite a turn out.

when i arrived, many of the younger kids, waist height and below, had been pushed from the gym. the high paced basketball games were a bit too much for them.

the accosted me upon my arrival.
a game of tag, where i was "it" 90 percent of the time, ensued.

as the kids began to get tired they started asking me questions.

"what subjects are you teaching?"
"what grades are you teaching?"
"what is your name?"


"why did you dye your hair?"

now if you know me you know that i have natural light blonde hair.
to these children, my hair is dyed.

i told them i did not dye it.
they followed by asking "why is your hair white if it is not dyed."

a good explaination did not come to me.
how do you explain to a young child in a culture such as this that not all hair is black?

luckly i was saved by a renewed intrest in the game.
i became "it" once more and attempted to tag the short and wiggly around me.

and so reality starts
Hang in there Jody! Your writing is great. We live for this. More pics. Did you get the things you mailed? You haven't said. Read you everyday. Uncle Mikey
so far 4 out of the 6 boxes have made it in. i am just waiting on the last two. those two, of course, hold my tv and my favorite books. damn.
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