Sunday, August 21, 2005

The First Day of School

The first week of school was made up of two days.
Thursday and Friday.

The best kind of week.

The stress and build-up was unbelievable.
My gut turned over and insisted that the thought that I could teach was a riduculous notion and should be abandoned at once.

Sleep was hard to come by on Wednesday night.
The midnight sun mocked me from it's strange position, high in the sky.

In the lower 48 students are talkative. They have a tendancy to hold an opinion on everything and be more than willing to share it.
Setting up the class rules is a process that typically takes the entire first class period.
Any extra time can easily be blown with a few simple "getting to know you" games.

Here, most students are not keen on talking.
It took 5 minutes to "discuss" the rules of the classroom.
Getting to Know them felt like pulling teeth.

I'm not in Kansas anymore.

The kids are truly bright. The girls have never heard the rumor that they are not to be good in math.
They shine in the subject.

Academics are something important here.
Many actually care about school.

I had a girl doing long division in her head.

She's not an oddity.
She's not made fun of for being a brain.

The day, as a whole, went by without incident.
There was the typical nausated feeling when one realises that the lesson they had planned took only the first 10 mins and they are now staring at another 40 mins of nothing.

I got through it.
They don't call me the Master of the Gab for nothing

The evening gave me another learning experience.

Outside my window were several of my younger students.

They were calling my name.

Finally I went to the window.
"Can we visit?"

I glace around my apartment. Boxes piled everywhere.
I glace at the kids, anxious to see the new teacher's belongings.

"Sure, come on in."

Suddenly, my very snug studio apartment is overrun with earger and inqusitive kids.
They go through everything they can get there hands on.

"Are these your friends?" Looking at pictures.
"Where did you get these movies?"
"Can I use your nail paint?"
"Is this your bed?"
"Do you perm your hair?"
"Can I use your bathroom?"

The questions went on and on.
It's neat that they are so interested in my life and belongings.
But it is a bit trying to keep them occupied.

One, while bouncing on my exercise ball, nearly knocked over my TV.
The ball was moved into the hallway.

I have no problem with them comming over, I just worry about their whirlwind nature.

After a half an hour I provided them with a little candy and sent them on their way.
Oddly enough, the most memorable thing about my first week of school occured after school left out for the day.

By the way,
It finally hit me this weekend.

I'm in freaking Alaksa!
How weird is that?

sounds like a really awsome first week of school everyone should be blessed with a roomfull of students who want to be there how can you make that work in the lower 48 bottle it?? good job daughter!!!
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