Monday, August 29, 2005

Failure in the classroom

I was doing fine for the first week of this teaching gig.
I thought, hey it's not that bad.

I was wrong.
I have failed at my first attempt to teach my writing class.

My writing students are right about 4th grade level.
They have learned in previous years about the different parts of speech.

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Pronouns are in the topic of the day.
or week rather.

Since Wednesday of last week we have learned and reviewed and studied the joys of these few parts of speech.

Today, we had a quiz.
It was disastrous.
A fiasco.
A nightmare of educators everywhere.

Only two of my students got would be considered a passing score.
Only two had paid any attention to the work I had put into my lessons.
Only two seemed to care about the scowl on my face.

The rest giggled and whispered.
The rest squirmed and talked.

Other teachers try to comfort me with the words:
This is something every teacher goes through, with lessening frequency as the years go on.
I still think to myself:
This is something that is devastating, with lessening intensity as time goes on.

Tomorrow, we review again.
I will try different methods.
I will try different tactics.

We will quiz again on Wednesday.
They will pass.
They will know this material.

Even if it kills me.

I just ain't shore why y'all are thinkin' that yew are not doin' real good teachin. I know you has got it in in ya, so just be patient, relax, and try again.
JODY I MISS YOU SO MUCH. Sorry I haven't called or emailed, I lost your alaskan number. Sorry. Hope everything is going well. I miss ya. Who's that cute long haired guy? Hmmm?
Oh that was me Kat
who the hell is mu mu?
sorry, i just want to grade the grammer and spelling on that entry and draw a huge red "f" on the top of the page.

ah, my true teacher is showing through...
Oh to be a fly on the wall. At least they were giggling. Not to worry tomorrow more lights will go on. So what concrete visual is there for parts of speech anyway?? mom
Hey Jody,
Hang in there. Kids in Newport are prolly not much better. Kids in Covington are even worse!
Your BLOG is very interesting....
Keep posting...

Brent's right, you could be teaching at Holmes. They speak SKANK. Miss you. More later.

joey, i thought it was you that speaks SKANK.

i miss you guys!
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