Monday, August 15, 2005

cute kid with a puppy

cute kid with a puppy
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This is just a little girl I spoke with during the feast.

She decided that I am a starfish.
Then I was a moth.
Then I was a tiger.
Then I was a slug.

She spent most of her day as a lion.

I had to take a picture because, well, she's just so damn cute.

aren't there a limited quantity of animals on the island? i mean if there just aren't any puppies around, i guess you don't get one growing up unless you transport it from someplace else. do they have stray cats? what kind of animal life chills up there anyway, it doesn't look like there's enough land for any moose to be roaming around (or much of anything, really)

-gidget :)
What's the percent of the people speak English? Yes, she's cute.
no, there are not a ton of animals.
but you have to remember that this is a people who raised dogs as work animals for years so there are a significant number of the furry little creatures. mose house have two dogs.
one for the outside jobs, guarding and what not, the other is just a house pup.

there are very few cats around.
i love this place based on that fact alone.

as far as other fun furries,
we have tons of fish.
small animals like mice and lemmings.
occasionally a bear or carribu will make a visit.

as far as english speakers. everyone knows english. they vary on profiency and usage.
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