Thursday, August 04, 2005

9:30 at night

8:30 at night
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as i walked past this dock i glanced at my watch.
with the sun so high in the sky and the warmth of the rays i guessed it to be in the early 6 o'clock range.

imagine the shock i experienced when i saw that it was nearing 10 at night.

this whole land of the midnight sun thing is getting old.

Post a picture of a sunrise. Uncle Mikey
so when does the sun come up and how many hours does it stick around? just thought i'd remind you that ohio is currently seeing about 13 hours a day and dwindling ;)

i've got the link to the towercam here at 12 if you ever want to see a live shot of the city, i tucked it in the userinfo on my blog:

-gidget (holy shit, i can't believe i remembered that!)
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