Wednesday, July 13, 2005


this is a story from awhile ago but recent events made me think of it.

i was at the diner when a party of 5 walked in. three children two adults. they seemed to be from the more upstanding mold of rednecks. i walked to the table and did the usual introductions and asked for the drink orders.

each ordered a coke. i respond in a joking fashion "well that's easy, and i was looking for a challenge"

the "man" of the table looks at me with a scathing expression and utters "if you want a challenge maybe you should try college." his automechanic's uniform glints at me.

wrong waitress, wrong day.

in the back of the house on a small corner table were my textbooks. finals were approaching for one of my most difficult semesters of school thus far. every free moment was spent making notes and checking them twice.

class list: physics 211, biology 234, chemistry 132, and art history (for some light reading)

i grit my teeth and leave the table. i'm not going to do anything rash. i will not retort. i will not retort. i will not retort.

i bring the drinks to the table, he acts as if i was not there. i am beneath him.

i grit my teeth.

i forgot the straws.

he says "straws too complicated for you? it must be tough to know you'll always live at the expense of decent hardworking people."

i leave the table.

i slowly proceed to the back of the store.
i will not retort.

i pick up my textbooks.
i will not retort.

i move toward the table.
i will not retort.

i place the books on the jackass's table.
screw it, time to retort.

"i am in school. i am in my third year studying pre-med (small lie, actually studying to be a science teacher, but the books make it look true.) this job helps me get through school. you seem to believe you are above me. would you take my finals for me? or is this too below you?"

i pick up the books. i walk away. i am not gritting my teeth. big smile for the camera.

i call in a favor and have another server take over the table, i will not serve trash like that.

get over yourself asshole.

that is So fucking insane!! i can't even believe someone would attack a stranger like that, what a loser!

i'm shocked.. fucker :P

dis be kristen, btw... i have no idea when your final day is, but i'm going home to danville on saturday (against my will) and i'm not sure when i might come back.. holla!
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