Friday, July 01, 2005

the next generation

i know that as we age we have the right to look back on our younger years and see all the good. the aged rarely remember the truth and rely instead upon how they think they should have acted or what they should have done. this being said, i must say, i was never as bold or "aware" as those in the teenage generation.

we just hired a new kid at the restaurant. he is 16 and looks about 12. he is our new busboy and is currently training to work the cash register.

he seems to think that he is funny and appealing to the rest of the staff. he makes comments about how cool he is and is critical about how we do our jobs. it's difficult to keep a strait face when he attempts to fling an insult.

i remember when i took my first job. though i am an outspoken person, i refrained from saying much outside my job description for several months. i was petrified of my co-workers thinkinng of me as a stupid teenager.
i waited until i was comfortable in my position to begin the insult slinging that is common in the food service industry.

kids today have no respect.

as i left the restaurant today he followed me out. i asked him what he wanted. "your taking me home with you," he joked.

i laughed and thought to myself, 8 years. this child is 8 years my junior.

he then stated, "i have always liked older women" followed by, "i may be young, but sometimes it's good to be fresh".

i continued the laugh of the confused. i would never had had the balls to make a comment like that, seriously or in jest. especially in the first week of my employment.

what has happened to this generation?

i had a table today comprised of 14 and 15 year olds. two boys, two girls. they seemed nice enough and i have waited on the girls before. sweet kids.

as i passed by the table several times i heard words that i, at that age, did not even know the meaning of.
the word "clit" was mentioned, as well as several sexual positions.
they talked with the confidence of someone well versed in the topic.

these are children.

i felt myself blush when i heard their conversation, though i doubt they understand that it was blushworthy.

someone needs to take the entire generation over their knee. have we coddled them too much? have we given them too much free-rein? have parents bought to much into this nonsense of children's rights and have turned out a generation of miscreants?

i don't know the answer, but i see the problem every day.

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