Saturday, July 23, 2005


well, the big move has begun.

i am now homeless.
friends who wished to posess my furniture came a week earlier than expected.
but as that was the only day they could get the stuff, i could not argue.

i am, therefore, homeless.

i realize, now, that i have taken my apartment for granted. i never truly recognized how often i simply sat and relaxed in my own home until that home was gone.

moving on. reason for the lack of a bed of my own?

it is finally upon me. in one week i will pick up my patiently packed and waiting luggage and begin my journey to alaska.

this summer has been moving at a slow gait toward my departure and even with but one week separating me from it, i find myself feeling no closer.

the whole thing still doesn't feel real.
more like a short vacation or a trip for someone else.

i am moving to alaska. i am leaving everything i have ever known and delving into the complete unknown.
images from northern exposure flit through my mind.

the idea of jut moving to alaska is something that has seemed ludicres to even my best friends. i get strage looks and comments when i mention my plans.

even in my own mind it seems like something out of a badly written adventure novel. who knows, maybe it will become one.

ah well, the coffee shop who's internet i am happily stealing is closing and i must put an end to my ramblings.
i hate not having internet of my own anymore.

patiently packed belongings, huh? you procrastinated on that packing. quit being silly.
love ya
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