Thursday, June 16, 2005

i am a dork

for many years i have claimed to be an individual. i have claimed that what others think of me does not matter. that i do not wear anything to impress and wear what i wish regardless of the thoughts of other.

this has always been false.

anyone and everyone are affected by others. i have often seen something funny and not bought it because i would look like a dork. it's true, 23 years old and still concerned about the "d" word.

this week i was at hot topic. there was a jacket that i liked. get ready to laugh, it had hogwarts written across the front and the school seal on the back. i thought it was funny and i do love harry potter.

i was about place to jacket back on the rack when i made a realization.

i am now a teacher. teachers are the one profession that are known to be dorks. it's expected.

think back to your childhood. teachers wore goofey ties, strange tee-shirts with literay quotes, those hideous blue jean jumpers with apples or numbers stiched on.

a smile crossed my face. i am now a member of the dork profession.

i bought the jacket. if anyone questions me, the responce is simple. "i am a teacher, deal with it."

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