Friday, June 24, 2005

good day

it's rare to have a table that you actually enjoy.
today i had three.

two of these tables were nothing special. they were just nice people. they were not rude, they did not insist on anything to happen immediatly, and they just had a laid back demenier. and, they actually laughed at my jokes.

every server that has been at it awhile has a stock of humor. the same lines they use over and over. sometimes you get a laugh sometimes a smile, and ocasionally a questioning glance.

my lines are simple.
for example:

when a table has been sitting for an unusally long amount of time chatting after eating, i say, now, you guys can stay as long as you like but i must tell you, we close at midnight. this line only works if it is still several hours until closing time.

it usually gets a laugh and often makes the table aware of how long they have been there and encourages them to move on.

these two tables managed to understand and play along with my brand of humor. they also left me larger than average tips.

the thrid table was one that served to boost my ego.
it was a table of 5. two adults and three children. they were the most polite group i have every had the pleasure of serving.

everything was "thank you ma'am", "yes ma'am", and my favorite, "please".

when the meal was over they complimented me in gushing terms to my manager and left me a 10 dollar tip on a 40 dollar bill.

a table like this makes me not hate serving so very much.

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