Sunday, May 29, 2005

this is not a dramitization

ah, the drama of resturant work.

yesterday i pulled into the parking lot, speeding a bit, and noticed four police cars arranged around the door. i had a fleeting surge of hope. maybe we had been robbed and the diner would be closed.
no such luck.

apperently before i arrived a man, his girlfriend, and her younge child had been causing problems. the man began the day by passing out in the lot. our manager attempted to wake him, failed, and called the cops. the cops roused him put him in the cruiser where he began to jack off.

nothing like being arrested to get your mojo running.

the women entered our resturant with her child while her boyfriend was enjoying himself in the police car and started eating off the salad bar, literally. she had a spoon and was dipping into the food.
she did not have the money to pay for anything.

another women spoke with her for a bit. we all assumed she was from social services. she promptly removed the child from the situation. moments later, the crazy lady left the diner, climbed on the hood of the car housing her child and screamed to get the child back. the "social worker" accelerated, knocking crazy off onto the asfault. the police did not see this display but heard the noise.

they followed the "social worker" who was not and arrested her for marijuanna possession.

still crazy remained in our parking lot for another hour. as did the police. she never did pay her 7 dollar food bill. though she did attempt to aquire money from every employee.

inside we had a biit more drama to deal with. one of our servers, just moments after clocking in, started shaking. her pulse sky rocketed and her eyes became unfocased. classic signs of and overdoes. i tried to help her, getting her water and asked about what she had inbibed that day. no questions were answered.

she jumped up from the chair and said that she needed her purse. she ran out the door and down the street.
she did not come back.

i closed last night due to her sudden departure. i will also close tonight.

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