Saturday, May 14, 2005


yesterday completed the real and true reason for the trip into the desert. my little sister graduated from college. she's two years younger and is finishing her degree program just days after me.
the graduation was interesting. the best part had to be the fact that there was not enough seating for all the family members. approximatly 100 people were stuck outside while their son or daughter was walking in their cap and gown. there were also many people in the hallways, restricted from the precedings. how can a college only have seating about half of their student's families?

Okay, that was the true reason for my visit to the area. now, there are another 5 days before my flight takes me out of here. tomorrow is an old family favorite. the classic trip to the grand canyon. all day tomorrow i will be cooped up in a van with several tourists, my mother, and my little sister. i guess mom is attempting to get in all the good old fashion family fun in before i move north. what next?

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