Saturday, May 21, 2005


i hate racists.

today at work, along with the usual nonsense that goes on, racism reared its ugly head. my manager is a great guy. he's actually helpful, will seat the door, take drink orders, and jokes with the staff. he is a decent and intelligent human being. he is also black. one of my redneck co-workers hates him. he is the only black man on staff and he has the power.

this little b***h wrote an email to corrperate, using her boyfriends name and her own address might i add, claiming that he called a guest a cracker and used profanity in front of the guest insulting a server.

this is somthing i know he would not do. and he did not do. the only servers on shift the night of this "incident" were shocked at the alligations and had no clue where it came from.

i never truely liked this woman, but i could tolerate her. i could work with her in a friendly and cohesive manner. tomorrow, if she is not fired by the time i get there, i will not be able to look her in the face. not a civil word will cross my lips.

how can a person hate on the base of race? how can people still believe that skin color has anything to do with the person.

maybe these people just hate themselves, or their lot in life so much that they need to project that loathing on someone else.

i hate people. i hate racists. get a life people. find something else to hate like bunnies or the goo that collects between your toes.

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