Sunday, May 22, 2005

loose ends in the smoking section

first, the wicked witch is gone. they fired the cowardly evil coworker today. she claimed that she had nothing to do with the phone call, that her boyfriend has been trying to get her fired for a few weeks now. first. get over the excuses. your an adult. second, if your boyfriend is trying to get you fired, the same man that punched you in the face a few days previous, he should not be your boyfriend.

i am just glad she's gone. her drama pulled down the place.

moving on, i had an interesting table today. an older couple came in. the man was hooked up to an oxygen tank. he had a walker. "hi welcome to the resturant, how many?" "two" "somking or non?'

they reply, "smoking"

the man is the smoker. now we all know what smoking will do to us. many of us choose to ignore the medical warnings with the idea that it won't happen to us. however, this man is at death's door. the explosive oxygen tank next to him should be a constant "no smoking" sign.

he unhooked his tank to take a long draw on a camel unfiltered.

with the crackle of the tobacco i could hear tar settling in his lungs.

his hacking coughs echoed though the building. i delivered several extra napkins, as a repository for the gooey lung juice.

no one in the resturant took a smoke break for at least three hours.

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