Friday, May 27, 2005

i love my job

when in a resturant, make up your damn mind. order promptly and correctly.

do not change your mind 10 mins later expecting me to be grateful.

several customers thought it necessary to alter their order repeatitly throughout their stay.

there was a table of 4 older women. i approached the table, asked for their drink orders and if they were ready to order. i work in a glorified burger joint. decision making should not take too long.
they were not ready.

i brought the drinks and asked it they were ready to order, still no.

i checked on other tables, went back, "have you decided what to order?"
of course not.

about 10 mins later they finally ordered. 4 cheese burgers with fries. i now know why it took so long.

i rang in the order and went to check on some nearby tables. they waved me over. "is there tarter sauce on the cheese burger" "yes"
"oh, i don't like tarter sauce."

i went to the kitchen called back the change. i recived a scowl from our cook.

i walk back onto the floor. a wrinkled hand beconed me over.
"can i change my fries to onion rings?'

back to the kitchen. more looks of angst.
the food is already finished.

i take the food, two changes later, to the women. i set the plates down, smile, and ask politely if there was anything else i could do.
i different gray haired demon looks at her lunch with distaste and says "i didn't realise there was tarter sauce on the burgers. can i get one without?"

i wanted to sceam "of course there's tarter sauce! this place is known for it's tarter sauce. your evil friend aksed about the tarter sauce. she re-ordered because of it. the menu listed tarter sauce. you know the menu, you statred at it for half the day!"

however, i smiled and said, "one burger with no tarter sauce comming up."
"well, since you have to re-make it, can i get a fish sandwich instead?"

i wanted to jump over the booth and strangle her old and haggered neck.

my tip, 2 whole dollars. i'm rich now.

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