Thursday, May 26, 2005

hours upon hours

i have just come off of hours and hours of pain and suffering.

yesterday i was schedualed to work the evening shift. however, as luck would have it one of our servers was fired leaving a week of empty shifts. i picked up the morning shift. painfully it was as an opener, but i was first off that night, so, 13 hours would not be that bad.

then the phone rings. the closer that night calls off. still not my problem. i am a double, i am first out, i am not a closer.

then the phone rings. another server calls off. guess what, she was the second closer.

my manager walks up. he opens his mouth. i have been on my feet for 12 hours at this point. i am tired, hungry, and sore.
i don't even bother leeting him speak. "your buying me dinner," i say as i walk away.
i am the closer now.

about an hour passes, my manager approachs. something tells me this is not going to be a social conversation. within just a few seconds i am aggreeing to open this morning as well.

i hate the fact that i need money. i hate the fact that my managers know it. they know i will pick up the shifts if they ask enough times. i try to get out of it. i weasle and beg, but we all know that at the end of the day i will still be at work and they will all be laughing.

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