Sunday, May 08, 2005


yesterday i graduated college. this moment we six years in the making. after 4 colleges and as many majors i finally picked one, stuck with it and aquired a diploma. there was the general nervousness before the ceremony. i was sure that i would fall or trip or do something equally stupid. but as the moment for the walk drew near i realised that there is no real pressure. this was my moment and anything i do is absolutly fine. most people were standing still, tense. as i walked down the line i "high fived" everyone i passed, or at least everyone with enough of a sence of humor to go so in front of a stadium or people.
anyway, i am done. college is over. now i am in the process of getting ready for my job and am starting to work on my next degree. this sounds goofey, but i now want a degree in biology as well as a masters in education. i have no idea what i want to do with the rest of my life and so i think the plan, at least for now should be to become a life-long student. we'll see how this goes.
tuesday i leave for arizona to watch my younger sister graduate from college as well. it should be a good time.

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