Friday, May 06, 2005

getting ready

well, when i first got the job in alaska i was freaked out. i wanted to get everything done right away. i even pulled out a suitcase. i talked to my friends and have started giving away my stuff. (everything in my apartment must go. i can only take what i can carry to this far off land so i have been attempting to cn my friends into taking everything away.) then i remembered, i am stuck here in kentucky for another 3 months.
it has taken every ounce of self control to keep myself from packing everthing up right now.
ok, so what do should i do for the next few months. i want to leave now. i don't want to sit around here and wait for the move day. i want to quit my job at the resturant. (i hate food service. it is the bain of my exsistance. people are evil and attempting to live on the generosity of others is a painful way to get along. i give massive props and sympathy to those that successful make a career of it.)
that is enough ranting and raving for the time being.

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