Saturday, May 21, 2005


living on the generosity of others is a painful experience.

i am a waitress. golf claps please.

tonight i worked for 8 wonderful hours and made a grand total of 39 dollars. the night was slow, granted but not slow enough to warrant what i walked out with. it didn't help that the last two hours brought in only two tables. it's a family diner in a quiet neighborhood and we are actually open until midnight on the weekends.

i had a table of four tonight. they seemed like a nice group. they laughed at my corney jokes, kept up with my cloudy wit, and made a point to compliment my service to the manager. i walked to the table with a bounce in my step expecting a decent tip. on the table sat a dollar fifty. this did not even reach 5 percent.

i hate people.

does everyone realise that waiters only make 2.13 an hour, most of which goes to paying taxes.
my last paycheck was an exciting 58 cents. i framed it.

That sucks. I ALWAYS leave 20% or more (unless of course you get NO service)

Hope it gets better for you!
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